Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between pitch and diameter?

Diameter is the measurement of your propeller from the center of the propeller to the end of your blade x 2.
Pitch is the distance the propeller will go in one revolution in air. Example, if you have a 15 pitch prop, it will go 15 inches in one revolution.

My propeller has a little ding, why should I get it repaired?

You may think that a small ‘ding’ or bend will not effect the performance of your boat. In reality, a propeller effects a multitude of things on your boat. If you have an improper balanced or damaged propeller, it can change your RPM’s, gas mileage and in some instances cause damage to your outdrive shaft.

Should I change the pitch of my propeller?

It depends on how you use your boat. Generally, going down in Pitch will increase your power but also increases your RPM’s by 200-300 per 2in pitch change.

What’s the difference between a 3 Blade and a 4 Blade?

Again, it depends on how you use your boat. If it is for leisurely recreation, than a 3 blade will work just fine. A 3 blade will give you all around performance. 

A 4 blade will give you increased low to mid range performance but may decrease your top end speed. 

Should I get an Aluminum or a Stainless Steel Propeller?

Aluminum propellers are more affordable to purchase and to repair. If you are a recreational boater an aluminum is a great propeller for all around performance. 

Although more expensive than aluminum, a stainless steel propeller is the most affordable way to enhance your boats performance. 

What’s the difference between a  Bronze and a Nibral propeller?

A Bronze propeller is made up of Bronze metal. A Nibral propeller is comprised of Nickel, Bronze and Aluminum metals and is a more durable propeller. 

What is a shaft?

The propeller is attached to the shaft, the shaft runs from the engine through a seal, then the hull into a bearing then onto the propeller. The propeller shaft must be free of any bends and cracks or it will cause vibration and can erode the bearing and seals. 

The shaft is made up of hardened steel, comes in various lengths and diameters. It is tapered at the end(s) with a threaded section where the propeller is attached along with a propnut and a cotter pin to hold it in place.